Artificial Grass Fence

Due to the the lightweight, high density, stability and beautiful advantages of Artificial grass fences, it is becoming peoples’ first

High security fixed bariyer

high quality fixed barriers are the most cost-effective solution for preventing unauthorised vehicle access security bollards correspond to the requirements

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

 Hydraulic Rising Bollards is one of the the most preferred product with it’s resistant structure against weather conditions and impacts.

Hydraulic Tire Killer

hydraulic tyre killer is one of the heavy duty and highest security vehicle access control systems. The Hydraulic Tyre Killer

Manuel Mantar Bariyer (Mekanik)

Arma Gas-Powered Manual Rising Bollard is a bollard system which works with piston with gas and a special key. Once

On Ground Tire Killer

The tire killer consists of heavy-duty spikes that go down to the ground when the vehicle passes over. Subsequently, the

Under Ground Tire Killer

safe and reliable. It is advanced equipment to intercept forbidden vehicles and terrorist vehicles.

Vehicle Wheel Stopper

Parking lot separator barrier; It is also called a vehicle leaning pole or a parking vehicle stopper. It is applied