3750 Liter Above Ground Garbage Container

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  • 1- The above-ground container system shall have features that can be unloaded by lifting the cork attachment by means of a special crane moving on the horizontal and vertical axis, and by opening the bottom covers. 2- Aboveground Container dimensions are 1800 X 1600 X 1690 mm and should have a garbage collection capacity of 3750 liters. 3- The body of the containers will be made of TS 822 quality galvanized sheet with a thickness of 2 mm and will be baked with a polyester-based material in the desired color and electrostatically coated at at least 200 degrees in accordance with outdoor conditions.
  • 4- Container body sheet upper panel junction points will have radius to prevent rain water from accumulating on it. 5- The junction points of the container body will be welded with slag-free gas metal arc welding. 6- Containers should not have screws or other mechanical elements that the garbage can be attached to during emptying. 7- There will be 85° drum and electrostatic painted TS 822 galvanized sheet cover on the front and back of the containers, and the dimensions of the waste disposal chamber will be 400 x 340 mm when the drum is opened. 8- The waste disposal chamber should be at least 1200 mm high from the ground and suitable for large bags to enter.
  • 9- Containers must be designed in such a way that they do not leak waste water. Containers should be emptied from the bottom and their bottom covers should be at least 3mm. thick TS 822 quality galvanized sheet and at least 150 mm. It should be capable of leaking 180 liters of garbage water and liquid in depth. 10-Container bottom covers will be connected to the body with a Q15 pivot hinge, pivot hinges will never be connected to the body by welding, the hinge body joints will consist of a special system with steel bolt connection. 11-The rope system will definitely not be used in the inner mechanism of the container, the mechanism will work with fully loaded iron, the mechanism-bottom cover opening and closing working system will be connected with Q27 Pipe.
  • 12-The inner mechanism of the containers, the bottom discharge system and the mushroom attachment system must be completely metal and electro galvanized. 13-The Contractor shall present at least 3 color options to the administration for the above ground container system. Containers will be delivered by providing the color option to be determined by the administration and notified to the contractor. 14-There should be warning signs with reflector feature on 4 sides of the above ground container for night vision. 15-Digital or visual promotional materials requested by the administration will be applied to the container body, digital printing dimensions will be determined by the administration.

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Company location Turkey/İstanbul
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ZEYREK Container, which set out with the motto for a clean and green environment, has been serving in the production of metal containers, garbage collection sets, in-office garbage bins, park and garden type garbage bins, underground garbage stations, and sales of plastic garbage collection containers for many years. . This long marathon started in 1985 and continues today with our expert staff. Since its establishment, it has been devotedly serving with important designs, projects and productions for the environmental cleanliness and order of the country.

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